One of the most important days in your life is your wedding, so many beautiful memories will be made, The Film Art Team is here to capture it all.

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Videographers: Our camera operators are cinematographers with years of experience, using our latest equipment they will capture the high level video and sound that enable us to make and amazing movie of your wedding day and capture the moment forever.

Wedding Movie: A full-length movie of your wedding day! Our master editors spend hours working on putting together your Wedding Movie with transitions, titles, integrated music, cuts between camera angles, ending credits, color correction and sound mixing. We use the same professional editing software used to edit feature films. Your Wedding Movie is made up of a montage of the bride And groom getting ready, the ceremony and they key moments from the reception all edited together seamlessly into a full length movie. We want your wedding movie to be a valuable memento that will be cherished for generations.

Bonus Video: 1-2 hours of behind the scenes and extra video that was not included in your wedding movie along with any commentaries from guests.

Highlight Video: 3-5 Min shortened version of your wedding movie. This will be edited to music using fast cuts summarizing the most important scenes from your wedding movie

True High Definition: Our wedding movies are recorded in true HD 1920 x 1080. For the final product to truly be in HD it has to be delivered on a Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs will be around for decades long after DVDs are gone.

Blu-ray: Personalized disc menu made with your titles, photos and music of choice on the main menu & sub menus includes:
Wedding Movie | Chapter Selection | Bonus Video | Highlight Video | Love Story* | Slide Show*
Labeled Disc & Deluxe Disc case: Your Discs will have a custom full-face disc Label and disc case

Online Private Viewing: Password protected online cinema that conveniently allows you to share your special day via the internet with friends and family. Simply go online to view the Wedding Movie or Slide Show from anywhere in the world.

Additional service*

1 Videographer & Photographer: Documentary style location shoot. We will film and photograph you in a beautiful location, while you share the story of how you met, dated, fell in love, and proposed.
Love Story & Engagement Slideshow: The love story gives us flexibility to be very creative. We will edit the love story into a fun artistic short movie that can be played during your reception and added to your Disc Menu.
Photos on Disc: 1 Disc with all of your pictures on an uncompressed jpeg format. You can do prints, View on computer, & share via Email or upload to your social network like Facebook. Digital Editing on pictures available (additional cost)
Price & Availability
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